Here is a bit more information on what the workshop is made of:

  • A brief history of coffee and its origins.

We will be talking about where coffee came from in general and how it became popular here in the West.

  • Tips on picking up good quality coffee, when buying.

What information to look for when buying coffee in a shop or ordering online. Drawing attention to roast dates, processing and roast level. Also, why ‘’Fair Trade’’ does not always mean good quality and ethical treatment, as it is believed in todays society.

  • Basic recipes and ratios for brewing coffee at home, as well as what equipment is necessary for a great home brew.

Recommendations on recipes (amounts of coffee/ water/ grind settings and timings) and what is the best equipment on the market for particular budgets, what to look for and what to avoid for home use. 

  • Learn to brew coffee using a variety of methods, such as the  Chemex, Aeropress and V60 coffee brewers.

How to brew a perfect cup of coffee. A step by step guide, simplifying a process that many find intimidating.


100g of coffee and a free copy of a home brewing guide to take home included.

All workshops will be held at Vagabond Wapping ( 
3 Thomas More St, London E1W, UK )